Equipment List

Trident Series 80 Console (32x24x24)
Windows 10 Pro DAW running Cubase 10.5
Dual 40" Widescreen 1080p Monitors
Universal Audio Apollo X16 Converters (TB3) x2
Universal Audio Octo Sattelite (TB-3)
Focal Twin 6be Monitors with Dual Rythmik Subs
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Headphones
Furman IT-20 Balanced Power Supply

FLEA 47 Vintage
Microtech Gefell UM92.1S Matched Set 
Microtech Gefell M300 Stereo Pair
Shure SM7
Audio Technica 4033  (x4)
MXL 603S Matched Stereo Pair 
EV N/D 868 
Sennhieser e602 
Audix D1 
Audix D2 (x3)
Audix D3 
Audix D4  
Audix D6 
Shure SM57  (x2)

Brent Averill Racked Neve 1073 Preamps
DW. Fearn VT-2 Tube Mic Preamp
P/AMR VMP-2 All Tube Mic Pre/EQ 
Great River MP-2NV Mic Pre
Manley Vari-Mu Compressor
Audioscape SSL G Buss Compressor
Audioscape 76A Bluestripe Compressor
Eventide Eclipse Harmonizer/Reverb
Yamaha SPX-90ii (A.W. Box)
Radial J48/X-Amp Combo 
Aguilar DB680 Bass Amp
SWR Bass Amp
Pedulla ET5-AC Bass
Randall/Egnater RM20 Guitar amp with MTS modules
Pearl Birch Drumkit with Zildjian Cymbals
Larivee Acoustic Guitar

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Equipment List

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